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We now provide a full range of psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families via telehealth video technology (and telephone). We also provide a variety of group psychotherapy offerings

Struggling with a mental health, substance abuse, or personal or family issue can feel overwhelming. The experts at the Anna Marsh Clinic are a distinguished group of highly-skilled therapists who provide high-quality outpatient psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and children.

In addition to the treatment of a wide range of issues and diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, etc., our therapists specialize in:

  • Trauma and related conditions
  • Developmental challenges through the lifespan
  • Relationship issues.

Anna Marsh Clinic Program Overview

Services for Adults

Maybe you’re struggling with a breakup, a divorce, or the death of a loved one. Maybe you’re an older adult dealing with loneliness and depression. Perhaps you’re having difficulties around body image or self-esteem. Maybe stress just seems to be getting the best of you lately. We’re skilled in treating a wide variety of problems including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma-related conditions
  • grief and loss
  • gender and sexual identity issues
  • substance use & co-occurring disorders
  • adult ADHD
  • chronic illness and disability
  • family and couples communication
  • work related stress
  • parenting of young and adult children
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • separation and divorce
  • self-esteem, shame, and guilt
  • phobias
  • sleep problems
Services for Children and Adolescents

Maybe a young person in your life is having difficulty dealing with an important loss such as parental divorce or the death of a loved one. Perhaps other issues like peer pressure, bullying, or questions about gender and sexual identity are causing your child to have trouble at home or in school.

We are skilled in treating a wide variety of problems affecting children and adolescents, including:

  • depression
  • ADHS
  • anxiety disorders
  • self-harming behaviors
  • bipolar disorders
  • eating disorders
  • alcohol and other drug use.
Assessment & Evaluation for Adults

Outpatient services for adults at the Anna Marsh Clinic begins with a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment evaluation. From there we will work with you to:

  • Develop a sophisticated and flexible treatment plan to meet your needs.
  • Collaborate with you on all aspects of your treatment.
  • Coordinate our efforts with your permission and/or your physician(s) and other community providers who may be involved in your care

If further specialized evaluation is necessary for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, we can consider relying on the extended resources of the Brattleboro Retreat.

Assessment & Evaluation for Children & Adolescents

Outpatient counseling for children and adolescents starts with a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment evaluation. From there we develop a sophisticated and flexible treatment plan to meet your child’s needs.

Our collaborative team approach includes input from your child, your family, your child’s physician, your child's school, and other community providers who may be involved.

If we feel that you can benefit from additional or a different type of care, you may be referred to one of our other Retreat services, or to an outside provider.

How Do I Make an Appointment at the Anna Marsh Clinic?

We offer day and evening appointments Monday through Friday. Please call 802-258-3700 and we’ll start the process right away.

Service contracts are available to schools, insurance companies, employee assistance plans, and managed care companies. The Anna Marsh Clinic accepts cash, checks, MasterCard, and VISA.

The Anna Marsh Clinic is Located on the Brattleboro Retreat Campus

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