Meet a Few of Our Mental Health Workers



Tyler came on board at the Brattleboro Retreat in January of 2010 when he accepted a position as a mental health worker in the Uniformed Services Program. After about a year he became an admissions coordinator, a position that still allows him to do what he likes best--work with patients and people in need. He says:

"I love working at the Retreat because the staff is extremely compassionate.
I feel that out of all the facilities I have worked at, the Retreat is by far the best in terms of patient care."






Els has been a mental health worker at the Retreat for the past two-and-a-half years. She says she's one of those rare people who truly enjoys working with challenging adolescents. Based on her experience at the Retreat she has decided to enter a nursing program in the fall and plans to become a psychiatric nurse.

"The philosophy of the Retreat is quite unique--our number one mission here is to treat people humanely and keep them safe."



Calvin has been with the Brattleboro Retreat sine late 2008. He says he loves being able to spend time with the kids doing things he also loves to do like hiking, swimming, and cooking healthy food. He's thinking about a lifelong career in the mental health field and has considered social work. But today he's leaning toward going back to school to train as a psychiatric nurse.

"Teaching the kids how to eat healthier makes me feel good," says Calvin. "We might not be able to change all of their difficult behaviors, but we can introduce new coping skills into their lives, and that's really important."

"Seeing a kid become more of a whole person while they're here is pretty amazing, actually."


[photo to come]  Karen has worked as a mental health worker at the Retreat on and off for the past 20 years. She says the opportunities for ongoing training and learning help keep her at the forefront of her job. And even though the work can be tough at times, Karen feels she is supported and extremely well taken care of by her colleagues and supervisors.

"They really care. I love it here. I've never come across a place that's such a good place to work."