Overview of Services

Every moment at the Abigail Rockwell Children's Center is a teaching and modeling moment-from practicing appropriate communication and social skills to studying in class, participating in recreational activities, and eating meals together. Each child, depending on his or her needs and circumstances, will be provided:

  • a complete evaluation and assessment
  • in-home consultation (as appropriate)
  • crisis stablization (if needed)

Our goal is to help children internalize appropriate behavior as they see it modeled and practiced on a daily basis. Operating under a biopsychosocial model, the Abigail Rockwell Children's Center uses several therapy modalities including:


Emphasizing a family-oriented approach, the Center also offers family outreach therapy. Together with local agency representatives, we work with the family to provide in-home parent training, crisis planning, family and sibling therapy, and home visits to practice family work.