January 20, 2017Angela Rowen

Mindfulness has been gaining in recognition and popularity in the U.S. for the last two decades, and with good reason. A number of leaders in the mental health field have studied the usefulness of mindfulness in creating mental health and in treating mental illness. In fact, many of the evidence-based treatments (i.e., treatments that have been scientifically shown to be effective) used in the care of patients at the Brattleboro Retreat are centered on the practice of mindfulness. But did you know it’s a technique that can benefit just about anyone?

December 08, 2016Brattleboro Retreat

Sargent Rich LaBard has been a police officer for over 16 years but an incident in 2004 when responding to an emergency call at a home where there had been a shooting, left him struggling to live his life for over eight years. Suffering from PTSD, he enrolled in the Uniformed Service Program to start his journey toward recovery. Hear his story captured in this video.

Psychological Cost of Racial InjusticeOctober 11, 2016Gay Maxwell, LICSW

Smith College professor of clinical psychology, Nnamdi Pole, PhD, an expert of traumatic stress in racial and sexual minorities, joins Gay Maxwell to discuss the impact of chronic and race-related violence on individuals, communities, and society.



Preventive Medicine for the 21st CenturySeptember 12, 2016Louis Josephson, Ph.D.

As I look back on the various clinical and administrative positions I have held in the field of mental health and addiction in my nearly 30 year career, I have always considered my work with children and adolescents to be among the most rewarding. This is one reason why I read a report released in May by Burlington, Vermont-based Let’s Grow Kids, entitled “Stalled at the Start: Vermont’s Child Care Challenge,” with both interest and concern.

August 26, 2016Louis Josephson, Ph.D.

Following news reports about a recent spike in heroin overdoses in central and northern Vermont, the Vermont Department of Health issued a warning to street drug users about a particularly powerful strain of heroin that has turned up in several communities and caused at least 10 individuals, one of whom later died, to overdose in a 50 hour stretch during the weekend of Aug. 13 and 14.

August 11, 2016Gay Maxwell, LICSW

Reid Wilson, PhD, international expert on the treatment of anxiety, panic, phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder, speaks to Gay Maxwell of the Brattleboro Retreat, about his self-help protocol for therapy clients that transforms anxiety and worry from intimidating threats into challenges that can be met and conquered.


Helping Kids Cope With Big FeelingsJune 22, 2016Gay Maxwell, LICSW

When should a parent seek help with a child's behavior and mood? When should a teacher ask for assistance with a student who is unhappy and disruptive? Eboni Webb, psychologist and DBT expert from Nashville, TN, sits down with Gay Maxwell to discuss sensitive children who need tools and resources for regulating their very powerful emotions.


A Discussion With Stanley Possick, MDMay 16, 2016Gay Maxwell, LICSW

One in a hundred people develop schizophrenia, a mental illness suffered by approximately 3 million Americans. Yet the very word itself conjures sensational and inaccurate images and scenarios that have largely been created by the media, television, and the movies.


May 09, 2016Louis Josephson, Ph.D.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued a tragic new report showing suicide rates in the U.S. have risen to a 30-year high. While the rise was particularly sharp among women, the report also outlined increases in rates of suicide among nearly all races and age groups.

January 21, 2016Gay Maxwell, LICSW

Dr. Frank Anderson, psychiatrist and Internal Family Systems psychotherapist, joins Gay Maxwell, host of Keep Talking, to explain when and why a psychiatric evaluation makes sense, what psychiatric medications can and cannot do, and why psychopharmacology and psychotherapy combined often produce the best treatment outcomes. Taped at BCTV in January 2016.