The key to dressing for success in the BRIDGES program is to be comfortable enough to relax into your school day, while also able to respectfully represent your school in the community.

revised 5/8/17

What do I need?
  • Winter -- Long pants, leggings or tights, long sleeved shirt or sweater, socks, weatherproof shoes or boots, hat, gloves, etc.
  • Summer -- Our ladies need a one piece bathing suit or shorts and a dark colored t-shirt for swimming. Our young men need swim shorts.
  • Always -- A pair of good fitting athletic shoes for fitness and outdoor activities.
What can’t I wear?
  • Pajama bottoms
  • Shirts that show back, belly, and/or are low cut
  • Tank tops and/or halter tops. Please make sure your shirt has at least a small, "cap" sleeve.
  • Clothing with inappropriate words, phrases or images.  If you are unsure, ask first, wear later.
  • Clothing with words on the bum
  • Shorty shorts and skirts. A reasonable guideline is to have them no more than 3” above the top of your knee.
  • Clothing that is excessively torn or stained
  • Dangerously high heels (staff will guide you)
Are there items that I can wear only at certain times?
  • Hoods on shirts and sweatshirts are permitted in school, but expected to be down during instructional time, interactions with peers and staff, and during community outings.
  • Bandanas are not to be worn during school hours, unless appropriate to an outdoor activity.
  • Sunglasses are meant to be worn outside
  • Staff may ask that you remove your hats for certain activities on campus and in the community