Dr. Jared Zucker

The Brattleboro Retreat is delighted to announce that Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry has selected an esteemed member of our inpatient psychiatry medical staff, Dr. Jarred Zucker, as this year’s recipient of the Faculty Teacher of the Year Award. For those who may not be aware, the Brattleboro Retreat is one of several training sites for the psychiatry clerkship for third-year medical students at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine. Over this past year, several different students spent four-weeks on our inpatient units learning the fundamentals of psychiatry. Dr. Zucker has been one of our most-committed staff members since we became one of the training sites for the Dartmouth medical students in 2020.

Per the announcement sent out by Dr. Duncan, the Psychiatry Clerkship Director who oversees the Dartmouth clinical rotations, this award is in recognition of “the commitment, caring, consistency, and thoughtfulness [Dr. Zucker has] shown in teaching the medical students this past year.”  He notes this award was based on the quantitative and qualitative student feedback from over the prior year, and the feedback was “truly outstanding.” Students noted Dr. Zucker “creates an amazing learning environment”, with numerous students complimenting and appreciating his dedication, patience, and generosity with his time and knowledge on a daily basis. There were several comments from students noting how they were made to feel like true members of the treatment team. One student noted, “I did not want this rotation to end, I was having such a great time. He made me genuinely interested in psychiatry.” And another described Dr. Zucker as “truly my role model for how I would like to practice as a physician-instructor.”

Thank you and congratulations to Dr. Zucker for the tremendous amount of work and energy that is regularly being put in for the benefit of the medical student education we are able to provide here at the Brattleboro Retreat.