Vermont Gov. Phil Scott Tours Brattleboro Retreat

(May 1, 2017) Vermont Gov. Phil Scott took a tour of the Brattleboro Retreat on Monday, May 1, accompanied by Retreat CEO Dr. Louis Josephson and Vermont State Representative Laura Sibilia.

Scott, who served as the state's Lieutentant Governor for the past six years, was sworn in as Vermont's 82nd governor in January 2017. It was his first visit to the Retreat as the state's top elected official.

During his one hour visit he toured all seven of the Retreat's inpatient units along with several outpatient programs including the hospital's HUB program, which provides medication-assisted treatment for people addicted to opioids. Josephson told Scott about the Retreat's plans to expand its HUB program, which include opening a new child-care center for children of HUB patients on the Retreat campus.

"This will be a first for the state," said Josephson of the new center.

Josephson also discussed the challenges he sees with Vermont's broader approach to mental health and addiction treatment including the need for a robust and adequately funded network of community mental health services along with the lack of adequate step-down programs for people who have nowhere to go once they leave the Retreat.

Following his visit to the Retreat Governor Scott attended a luncheon in Brattleboro organized by the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce where he told attendees that every day in Vermont one child is born to a mother who is addicted to opioids, and that our collective committment to helping Vermont's most vulnerable citizens is a priority for his administration.