Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP)

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to COVID-19 and the need to ensure the safety of all individuals, IDRP appointments for evaluations are held over the phone and classes are held via Zoom.

The Brattleboro Retreat's Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP), formerly known as Project CRASH, is designed for those who are looking to reinstate their driving license after having an alcohol or substance-related driving offense.

The IDRP Program consists of an evaluation (via phone), an education course (held over ZOOM) for first and second offenses, and may include an exit interview.  More details are below:

One or Two Offenses:

If you have a first or second offense that is alcohol- or substance-related, you will need to complete an IDRP education program.  The Brattleboro Retreat offers a non-intensive course (10 hours over 4 weeks). Individuals with two or more offenses are required to receive substance abuse counseling; individuals with one offense may be required to receive substance abuse counseling as determined by IDRP evaluator.

Lifetime Suspensions (more than two offenses):

If you have a lifetime suspension, you will need to complete an IDRP evaluation, then apply for reinstatement of your license through the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Total Abstinence Reinstatement Program.

The process to start the IDRP Program is outlined below:

  • EVALUATION: The IDRP Clinical Evaluator evaluates you to identify requirements necessary to complete program.  Contact Admissions at 802-258-3700 to register and schedule evaluation.  A fee of $180 is required prior to the evaluation appointment.  An additional $200 is required prior to the start of classes. This payment can be in the form or credit/debit card, money order, cash, or check.  There will be a book to pick up or pdf version can be sent.
  • CLASS/EDUCATION: There are four classes of education held over four weeks (10 hours) presented via ZOOM with other participants present. Class will include lecture format by IDRP teacher with slide show and video presentation, completing workbook activities, and small group discussions.
  • COUNSELING/TREATMENT: If you have one offense the Evaluator decides at the evaluation whether treatment will be required. If you have two offenses you are required to complete counseling.
  • EXIT INTERVIEW: The Evaluator decides at the evaluation whether you will require an exit interview upon completion of your requirements.



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