Co occurring Disorders

If you’re struggling with both a substance abuse (chemical dependency) problem and one or more mental health issues (i.e., depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder) the Brattleboro Retreat’s adult treatment program for co-occurring disorders (sometimes called dual diagnosis treatment) can help.

We’ll work with you to address the entire picture with a plan created just for you. Our short-term hospital (inpatient) program will provide you, or someone you love, with compassionate, high-quality:

  • intervention
  • medically assisted drug and alcohol withdrawal
  • stabilization.

Managing Co-occurring Disorders

The Brattleboro Retreat’s Adult Co-occurring Disorders treatment team specializes in providing:

  • an accurate diagnosis
  • aggressive, effective treatment
  • thorough medication evaluation
  • education and support to help you make a strong and successful recovery.

Our adult co-occurring disorders inpatient treatment program offers 24-hour care in a safe and nurturing environment that’s designed to promote your healing and ongoing recovery. Our treatment approach focuses on helping you develop and maintain your sobriety while also managing co-occurring psychiatric issues (such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, etc.). We’ll work with you, and with your family to help you:

  • Understand the cycle of addiction.
  • Learn how substance abuse and mental health problems can make each other worse (when they’re not both treated at the same time).
  • Develop a comprehensive aftercare plan to support your recovery.


For more information about Adult Co-ocurring Disorders treatment and the Brattleboro Retreat’s other programs & services for mental health and addiction issues, call 802-258-3700 or go to our  Central Intake Department.