Children's Residential Program

Expert Residential Care for Children Ages 6 to 14 

The Abigail Rockwell Children's Center (ARCC) is a multi-track treatment center located in a home-style dwelling that accommodates 11 children. This smaller home setting is ideal for specialized programming to help children who are transitioning from childhood to adolescence.

Who is Appropriate for ARCC?

These are boys and girls who are typically diagnosed with mood disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse and attachment disorders. Many have been victims of sexual abuse and/or suffer from sexual reactivity. They often exhibit self-destructive or endangering behavior that does not allow them to function appropriately in family, school, or community settings. Most children are referred to ARCC through:

  • state social services offices
  • mental health agencies
  • school officials.


For more information about Children's Residential Services, and the Brattleboro Retreat’s other programs for mental health and addiction issues, call 802-258-3700 or go to our  Central Intake Department.