"Keep Talking" Videocasts About Mental Illness & Related Issues

Irwin Krieger, LCSW, and Darcy Gingerich, MEd, LCMHC, LADC, discuss what it means when children and adolescents identify as transgender, the importance of acceptance and inclusion by families and communities, and how gender-affirming therapy can be helpful for transgender youth and their families.

Joseph Shannon, PhD, a personality disorder expert, follows up his 2012 Keep Talking interview and describes when unreasonable behavior is a symptom of an underlying personality disorder, and how, through the power of empathic listening and the knowledge of universal human concerns, it can be possible to disarm the unreasonable person and avoid conflict.

Smith College professor of clinical psychology, Nnamdi Pole, PhD, an expert of traumatic stress in racial and sexual minorities, joins Gay Maxwell to discuss the impact of chronic and race-related violence on individuals, communities, and society.

Reid Wilson, PhD, international expert on the treatment of anxiety, panic, phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder, speaks to Gay Maxwell of the Brattleboro Retreat, about his self-help protocol for therapy clients that transforms anxiety and worry from intimidating threats into challenges that can be met and conquered.

When should a parent seek help with a child's behavior and mood? When should a teacher ask for assistance with a student who is unhappy and disruptive? Eboni Webb, psychologist and Dialectical Behavior Therapy expert from Nashville, Tennessee, sits down with Gay Maxwell of Keep Talking to discuss sensitive children who need tools and resources for regulating their very powerful emotions. Recorded at BCTV in June 2016.



One in a hundred people develop schizophrenia, a mental illness suffered by approximately three million Americans. Yet the very word itself conjures sensational and inaccurate images and scenarios that have largely been created by the media, television, and the movies. Stanley Possick, MD, talks with Keep Talking host Gay Maxwell about the symptoms, challenges, and treatments for schizophrenia and relates why people seeking treatment have many reasons to hope for positive outcomes. Taped at BCTV in May 2016. 

Dr. Frank Anderson, psychiatrist and Internal Family Systems psychotherapist, joins Gay Maxwell, host of Keep Talking, to explain when and why a psychiatric evaluation makes sense, what psychiatric medications can and cannot do, and why psychopharmacology and psychotherapy combined often produce the best treatment outcomes. Taped at BCTV in January 2016.

David Lovelace, poet, writer, and carpenter, joins host Gay Maxwell on Keep Talking to discuss his book: Scattershot: My Bipolar Family, which vividly chronicles his experience growing up in a family where four of the five members suffered from Bipolar Disorder. During this BCTV interview, Mr. Lovelace speaks eloquently about his fear of and his flight from the disease, his psychotic break at age 26, and finally, his compassionate acceptance of the illness, his family, and himself. Taped at BCTV in September 2015.


Is there an unpredictable person in your life who regularly disrupts your work or home environment? In this segment of Keep Talking, Paula Butterfield, PhD, PCC, speaks with host Gay Maxwell, LICSW, about the common personality traits and behaviors of high conflict people. Dr. Butterfield suggests practical tools for managing “blamers” and “ragers” and how to identify whether these stressful relationships are worth the cost. Taped at BCTV in June 2015.


Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. In this episode of Keep Talking, host Gay Maxwell asks Kirk Woodring, LICSW, to address frequently asked questions about suicidality and suicide such as: If I ask my loved one about suicidal thoughts, will I somehow make it happen? What kind of treatment is out there for people experiencing suicidal thoughts? What do friends and family need to know in order to help their loved one and to cope with their own worry and fear? Taped at BCTV in March 2015.


Brattleboro Retreat Office of Continuing Education Manager Gay Maxwell sits down with Susan Balaban, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Manager of the Uniformed Service Program at the Brattleboro Retreat to discuss her work with First Responders and Military Personnel as the struggle with the lasting effects of their work in high stress environments. Taped at BCTV in February 2015.


Anxiety disorder treatment specialist and popular author Lynn Lyon, LICSW, joins the Retreat's Gay Maxwell in BCTV's studios to discuss successful, and unsuccessful, methods for dealing with anxiety especially with children. Taped at BCTV in October 2014.


In this Keep Talking segment, Gay Maxwell, LICSW, is joined by special guest Patricia DiBartolo, PhD, who explains how perfectionism can be both a blessing and a curse and suggests how its painful aspects can be addressed in a therapeutic setting. Taped at BCTV in June 2014.


In this Keep Talking segment, host Gay Maxwell, LICSW, is joined by Todd Kammerzelt, MD, Unit Chief of the Brattleboro Retreat's Co-Occurring Disorders Inpatient Program. They address the myths and truths about the disease of addiction as well as addiction recovery. Taped at BCTV in May 2014.



Host Gay Maxwell, LICSW, is joined by Cory Nohl, MD, the Retreat's medical director of the LGBT Inpatient Program, to talk about why individuals in the LGBT community are at higher risk for serious mental health or substance abuse issues and how their families can offer support. Taped at BCTV in March 2014. 


Robyn Ostrander, MD, discusses "Depression and the Holidays" Taped at BCTV broadcast in December 2013. 


Kevin Gallagher, LCMHC, discusses "Parenting the Adolescent." Taped at BCTV in September, 2013.


What programs are offered through Wellness in Windham? What is the Community Health Needs Assessment? What can I expect at this year's Wellness in Windham Health Festival? Get answers to these questions and more in this engaging moderated discussion. Gay Maxwell is joined by members of the Wellness in Windham Health Education and Health Festival Committees, Jill Terrell-Ouazzani, Wendy Cornwell and Liz Harrison, to discuss Wellness in Windham, a community-centered initiative in Windham County, Vermont. Taped at BCTV in August 2013.


Dr. Patricia Mulready discusses the role of nutrition in addiction recovery. Taped at BCTV in May 2013.


Emerging adults, ages 18-29, face distinct developmental tasks that will lay the foundation of a healthy adulthood. Jennifer Tanner, PhD, discusses this newly identified developmental stage, its characteristics and why developmental psychologists see this as a critical period in life. A developmentalist and Vice-Chair of the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood, Dr. Tanner offers insight into how this knowledge can impact our lives, our families' lives and society as a whole. Taped at BCTV in December 2012.



Informed by years of experience in the field of addiction treatment, Geoff Kane, MD, MPH, and Kurt White, LADC, LICSW, discuss the changes made in addiction treatment over the last twenty years regarding levels and style of care as well as medication-assisted therapies. Kurt and Geoff also talk about the role of family members and friends in a person's treatment and journey to recovery. Taped at BCTV in November 2012.


Jospeh W. Shannon, Ph.D., discusses personality disorders
on this BCTV broadcast taped in September, 2012.


Presented by the Center for Health and Learning, the Brattleboro Retreat's Dr. Robyn Ostrander discusses teen suicide and ways to prevent it with Joellen Tarrallo-Falk, Ed.D. Taped at BCTV in June 2012.

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