Southeastern Vermont HUB

Hub Program SignageWhat is Hub?

"Hub" is a new type of Suboxone treatment service available exclusively to Vermont Medicaid clients and uninsured Vermonters.

Unlike prescribed Suboxone services (which the Retreat still provides), Hub is a more structured level of care for people who are either starting out in treatment and who have fewer supports along with more fundamental stressors (homelessness, for example). Hub is also designed for people who in the past, for whatever reason, have not been able to manage prescriptions for Suboxone.

Hub Fundamentals

Hub provides:

  • inductions of Suboxone or methadone for clients who need them and who meet the criteria for them
  • daily dispensed Suboxone or methadone to clients who require this level of structure and support
  • assessment services to determine which services are most appropriate for clients. These include determining whether dispensed or prescribed Suboxone is best, and whether methadone or Suboxone is the more appropriate medication.
  • additional case management services for a wide range of client needs (sometimes referred to as "health home services").