Top 10 Reasons To Give

Top Ten Reasons to Donate to the Brattleboro Retreat


  1. You believe that mental health is as important as physical health.
  2. You want to ensure that quality mental health and addiction care will always be available.
  3. You--or someone you care about--has been helped by the Brattleboro Retreat, and you want to say thanks.
  4. You appreciate how improving the mental health of individuals can make stronger, healthier communities.
  5. You are concerned that government and private insurance fail to fully cover needed treatment, even as expenses for healthcare rise.
  6. You want to ensure that others receive the same high level of care as you or a loved one received at the Retreat.
  7. You support the Retreat's vision of expanding services to care for underserved populations, including uniformed service professionals and members of the LGBT community.
  8. You believe every child with mental health problems deserves a healthy future.
  9. You want to help families heal from the traumas of substance abuse.
  10. You believe in the power of education and research to overcome the stigma of mental illness.


          Click here to make an online donation to the Brattleboro Retreat.