EMS--A Lifestyle of Stress

Helping Others Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Working for EMS involves challenges that can take their toll on you mentally and emotionally. Here are a few of the stressors that can challenge even the most resilient people in the field:

  • long hours and unpredictable schedules
  • being "on call" for extended periods
  • having to perform in bad weather and harsh climates
  • worries about contagious diseases, needlesticks, etc.
  • being the target of violence in the communities you serve
  • violent, uncooperative, or mentally unstable patients
  • witnessing large scale devastation involving air disasters, terrorist attack, etc.
  • frustration with equipment, communications, etc.
  • difficulty reaching emergency sites.


The Stress of the Job Can Catch Up to Anyone

Maybe you have known for a while, or are just beginning to notice:


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