PrimariLink Services & Performance Results

PrimariLink is proud to provide a host of high-quality services including:

  • Utilization Management (coordinated with all medical care)
  • Quality Improvement (for example, pediatric office rounds, P4P and PCP trainings)
  • Case Management (for complex co-occurring cases)
  • 24/7 access to care, 365-days-a-year.

We Are Equally Proud of the Results We Have Achieved: 

  • Successful completion of Rule 10 Triennial Review
  • A strong, collaborative relationship with MVP Health Plan leading to full compliance with NCQA standards
  • Rule 10 filings that exceed regulatory standards for "Utilization Management Time Frames"
  • Department of Health Care Administration QI projects that involve collaborative efforts with the provider community
  • Participation in the behavioral health partnership working with the Vermont Child Health Improvement Project (VCHIP) to improve screening and referral services for adolescents with substance abuse problems
  • Active involvement in Rule 10 & Act 129 Committee meetings attempting to better define "quality care" indicators. This work has led to a positive working relationship with the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation (the agency responsible for the oversight of review agents in Vermont).
  • Positive financial performance.


Click here for a PDF copy our 2013 Provider Survey results letter and comments.