Meet a Few of Our Nurses


Ed came on board in 1984 to work on one of the inpatient units that serves adolescents. He says he's seen a fair amount of change during that time, but he also takes note of the things that have remained constant for him in nearly three decades with the Retreat:

"Working together with my colleagues has kept me here for so many years--good people working toward a common goal."


                                                                                        Play the video above to see why David loves working as a nurse at the Retreat.



Colleen is a registered nurse who recently joined the Brattleboro Retreat in December, 2010. She has worked in the field of psychiatric nursing for the past three years and says she was extremely excited to have an opportunity to join the Retreat because "the hospital legitimately lives up to its reputation, both for patients and for employees." She adds:

"The staff puts the patients first all the time, and that says it all for me. It’s the best team I have ever worked with—they are professional at all times. The patients get phenomenal care, and the opportunity is always there for nurses to approach the treatment team with questions and suggestions about how things can work better.”




Elaine has been a nurse at the Brattleboro Retreat for the past 18 years. She works with teens and says the most rewarding part of her job is when she sees a patient "really turn around." Elaine also points to her colleagues as a source of tremendous job satisfaction:

"I love the people I work with. That's what keeps me going. There's a real team spirit here and a willingness to help that you don't always find at other hospitals."