Corrections: A Demanding Line of Work

Serving in Corrections Can Take an Emotional and Psychological Toll

That's because the realities of the job can be much more intense than in other professions. As a corrections officer, it's not unusual to be dealing with:

  • the threat of violence
  • actual violence
  • manipulative or demanding inmates
  • critical incidents (escapes, for example)
  • lots of overtime and/or shift work
  • inmate overcrowding
  • competition among staff for the best assignments
  • feeling isolated or misunderstood by family, friends and the public.


The Buildup of Duty-Related Stress Can Affect Anyone

Maybe you've begun to notice:

  • You're just not yourself.
  • A certain critical incident plays over in your mind.
  • You feel exhausted and on edge--but somehow you can't seem to relax.
  • A nagging injury has got you feeling depressed.
  • The job is affecting your marriage and home life.
  • You spend less and less time with friends and loved ones
  • You're drinking too much and/or abusing prescription or other drugs.


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