Children's Inpatient Program Assessment & Evaluation

When your child is admitted to our inpatient program we will provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary psychiatric (mental health) and physical assessment. During this process we will take great care to:

  • listen to the needs and concerns of your child
  • make sure that your family and anyone who is helping with your child’s care (agency representative, community provider, etc.) is involved.

We’ll look closely at factors such as your child’s physical health, psychiatric status, medication profile, possible substance abuse history, family issues, and educational needs.

Individualized Mental Health Treatment Planning

Based on the results of the assessment and evaluation, we will develop a customized treatment plan that outlines key goals for your child and allows for modifications during your child’s stay as his or her needs change.

Planning for discharge and aftercare begins immediately upon admission. This will ensure that your child, your family and other caregivers are prepared for a smooth transition back to either the community or to a care environment that provides different supports (for example, residential care, and/or outpatient therapy).

The average length of stay in the Brattleboro Retreat’s Child Inpatient Program is eight to 10 days. Based on your child’s needs and progress, he or she may move back and forth along a continuum of care that includes the Retreat’s:


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