What are the Brattleboro Retreat's visiting hours?

Visiting hours are available seven days a week in most cases. However, different programs at the Brattleboro Retreat have different policies regarding visiting hours. Check with the appropriate nurse manager or charge nurse if you have questions.

What is the Retreat's Discharge Time?

On the day you are scheduled to leave inpatient treatment you will be discharged promptly at 11:00 am. We will assist you in arranging for transportation to a safe, stable environment where you can continue the next phase of your recovery.

Can I Send and Receive Mail?

As a patient at the Brattleboro Retreat, you can send and receive mail. Any letters and packages sent by U.S. mail are delivered to and picked up from patient units on a daily basis. All packages must be opened in front of staff.

Does the Retreat Have Interpreter Services?

Interpreter services are available for deaf and hard of hearing patients, and non-English speaking patients and their families. Telecommunications devices for deaf and hard of hearing patients are also available. Staff members will assist you in obtaining these services.

Does the Retreat Have an Adult Residential Rehabilitation Program?

The Brattleboro Retreat has a partial hospital (day) program known as the Birches. A dormitory is available at a nominal fee for individuals taking part in the Birches program. If you are looking for residential care, please discuss the options at Birches with one of our specialists in Central Intake.

Is There a Cafeteria?

A full service cafeteria, offering a variety of hot and cold menu items is located on the campus.

What Will My Days Be Like?

Treatment will consist of groups conducted by our clinical staff. Each patient will have a treatment team and meetings with the various team members will be done during the day. Many different groups are offered and your treatment team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is individualized based on your specific needs.

What are the Patient Rooms Like?


Most of the rooms at the Brattleboro Retreat are private rooms. Each of the units of our inpatient areas are locked. Weather permitting, patients can access a secure outside courtyard area with approval from their medical team.

What is the Retreat's Tobacco Policy?


The Brattleboro Retreat is a tobacco free campus. Patients, staff and visitors (including volunteers, vendors, contract workers etc.) are prohibited from using tobacco products anywhere inside Retreat buildings or on the grounds of the Brattleboro Retreat.

If you are a patient being admitted to a Retreat program you will be asked about your tobacco use, if any. This information will be shared with your treatment team. If necessary, we will work with you to help you feel comfortable without tobacco.

What is the Retreat's Policy on Alcohol and other Drugs?

The use of alcohol and other drugs on Brattleboro Retreat property is prohibited.