How will I know if a job has been filled?

Positions are removed from the list of postings as they are filled.

How long does the hiring process take? Who makes the final decision?

The length of the hiring process varies. Once your application has been screened by HR it may be forwarded to the hiring manager for his/her consideration. Each unit/program/department has its own process that may include several face-to-face interviews. The final decision is made by the hiring manager. Staff members in HR will then proceed with the formal job offer process.

What happens to my application once a position I’ve applied for is filled?

Applications are kept on file indefinitely. If your skills match another position, then we encourage you to reapply.

How do I know if I am qualified for a particular position?

The minimum requirements for each position are included in the job listing.

If my contact information changes, should I submit a new application?

No. Instead, please contact the the Retreat's Human Resources office (802-258-6163) and we will make the necessary change(s) to your submitted application.

Can I edit a current application?

No. Once you have submitted your application, you cannot modify it. You can edit your application when you apply for a new position.

How can I get help with my online application?

Please call our HR team at 802-258-6163.

What does the minimum salary mean, and where will I fall in the salary range?

The minimum salary represents the starting pay rate/salary of the position. Each individual’s pay rate is calculated based on factors including experience and education.