A USP Champion is anyone who donates or raises $100 or more through the generosity of friends, family and co-workers who support the Uniformed Service Program (USP).
USP Alumni - Friends and Family of USP Alumni.  Are you a USP alumni? This is the best way to give back to the program and support the men and women who are there now.  Or perhaps you know someone who benefited from the program. Show them your support by becoming a USP Champion.  They feel your support in their recovery, and your support of other men and women in similar circumstances.
Knowing that we’re in this together is a powerful message of unity and support to send to men and women who are suffering seriously.
Be recognized.  You’ll be recognized for your support at the annual Ride for Heroes event on the 3rd Saturday in August.  Each year the USP invites people to the Brattleboro Retreat campus for a motorcycle ride in the morning, and a giant BBQ lunch in the afternoon.  This event is our way of saying thank you for supporting the Uniformed Service Program men and women, and celebrating the success of so many people who have been impacted by the program.
At the event, USP Champions will receive:
  • Special prizes, with the USP logo, based on the amount of funds donated or raised.
  • Recognition for the amount of funds raised.
  • A special Champion T-Shirt and patches.
  • Automatic entry into special raffles and giveaways.
  • Opportunity to join the approximately 60 mile motorcycle ride through southern Vermont.
  • The chance to connect with other like-minded people who share your concern for the men and women in uniform who have the courage to seek help. These men and women are the real heroes.

Here are three tools you can use to raise funds as a USP Champion:

1. Start your own online fundraising page to collect credit card donations from family, friends, and co-workers. It's easy to start, and easy to share.

2. Download this printable USP Champion Fundraising Collection Form so you can record cash and check support from your family, friends, and co-workers.

3. Make a donation using this form to start your fundraising.

If you have any questions contact us and we'll help.
Call Robert Szpila at 802-258-4318 or email at rszpila@brattlebororetreat.org

"We talk a little differently."

"If you’ve been around soldiers and firefighters and EMTs, you know we talk a little differently, we use language that some people probably are not comfortable with but that’s how we communicate. So as I sat through my group session and spoke about my issues, I could see others in the room nodding their heads in understanding. They got it. And that’s when the healing started for me.”

— Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark

"I don't even ride a motorcycle. I just want to give back to the program."

My first ride was in 2011, two months after I finished the program. I go because the Ride for Heroes is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to helping our uniformed men and women. There's a lot of need out there.

The Uniformed Service Program gave me a life I never had before. I want to give back.

—Jim McKay