While Brattleboro Retreat outpatient services including the Anna Marsh Clinic, Starting Now’s one-on-one counseling service, the Mind Body Pain Management Program, and the HUB program will remain open, these programs will be instituting various safety measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. These measures include screening clients for risk of infection, establishing social distancing protocols, and using tele-health services as much as possible.
Starting at end of business on Friday, March 20, 2020, all in-person outpatient group programs at the Brattleboro Retreat will be temporarily closed. This affects:
    •    Birches Treatment Center's PHP and IOP services
    •    Uniformed Service Program (USP)
    •    Starting Now IOP services and associated outpatient therapy groups
    •    Spoke program group sessions.
Clinical staff from the Retreat’s outpatient programs will continue to support individual clients in various ways as needed. This will include minimum weekly check-ins via Zoom or telephone and arrangements to ensure patients on daily medication schedules will not run out their prescriptions.
The duration of these changes will be re-evaluated regularly by Retreat officials as part of the hospital’s overall response to the COVID-19 situation.