What to Expect

Whether you're coming for an outpatient therapy appointment, or to be admitted to the hospital, it's perfectly normal to feel nervous the first time you visit the Retreat. But you can also feel confident that our caring staff will answer all your questions and help you every step of the way on your path to recovery.


  • Everyone who receives care at the Brattleboro Retreat starts out in Central Intake.
  • From there, you will enter the program that is best suited to meet your needs.
    Learn More About Retreat Programs.
  • Discharge from the hospital will take place promptly at 11:00 am on the day you are scheduled to leave.
  • People being admitted to the hospital, and parents bringing their children for care, often have questions and concerns. Please follow the link to frequently asked questions in the left hand menu of this page.

For further assistance, feel free to Contact the Brattleboro Retreat.