David Dunn, Esq.

David Dunn, Esq.

David Dunn is Chair of the Governance Committeee and also serves as a member of the Executive, Finance, Audit, and Compensation Committees.

He graduated Cornell University in 1977; then, after spending a year working in a biochemisty laboratory, attended Vermont Law School where he received a J.D. and a Masters of Law in Environmental Studies in 1981.

He practiced as a lawyer in Washington, D.C., first focusing in international maritime law and then soon moving to specialize in real estate, transactional, and corporate law. In 1988, he moved to Boston, where he continued his practice in real estate and transactional law, adding specialties in corporate trust, financing, business entities, and creditors’ rights. In 1994, while still in Boston, he moved to an in-house position for Fleet Bank to assist them in working through a large portfolio of non-performing loans. In 1996 he moved to Dummerston, Vermont and joined the firm of Potter Stewart, Jr. Law Offices, P.C., continuing to practice in his established areas and also expanding into commercial litigation.

Since living in the Brattleboro area, he has served on the boards of Habitat for Humanity and Windham County United Way, where he served both as President and Co-chairman of Fundraising.  He currently serves as a board member and officer for Winston Prouty and Youth Services, Inc. His work with non-profits also includes significant assistance as an attorney to local non-profits, both in regular operations and in connection with those organizations obtaining tax exempt (501(c)(3) status with the IRS.

He still lives in Dummerston, and spends a great deal of enjoyable time assisting his daughter with her love of acting, performance, and all things New England Youth Theater, and ferrying, cheering and coaching his son at soccer and baseball games. In what remains of his spare time, he tries to satisfy his lifelong love of the outdoors by skiing, tennis, golf, hiking and camping, and by creating new contraptions for his children.

"The work and mission of the Brattleboro Retreat is crucial to our shared goals of making society as inclusive and as productive as possible. For this reason, and because the Retreat is an integral part of our community that has regained its vibrant role as a nationwide leader in its field, I gladly accepted the invitation to join the board."