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Medical Staff

Desiree Biesheuvel, MD
Medical Director, Emerging Adult Program
Dorothea DeGutis, MD
Medical Director, Outpatient Services
Frederick "Fritz" Engstrom, MD
Medical Director of Intensive Care Services
John "Jack" Fanton, MD
Unit Chief, Adolescent Inpatient Program
Jennifer Fyler, MD
Unit Chief, Co-occurring Disorders Inpatient Program
Jeffrey Haines, MD
Staff Psychiatrist, Anna Marsh Clinic
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Adult Inpatient Treatment Program
Karl Jeffries, MD
Staff Psychiatrist, LGBT Inpatient Program
Geoff Kane, MD
Chief of Addiction Services
William Knorr, MD
Unit Chief, Adolescent & Children's Inpatient Programs; Medical Staff President (ex-officio, non-voting)
Tracey Krasnow, MD
Staff Psychiatrist, Adolescent Inpatient Program
Timothy LaRosa, MD
Staff Psychiatrist, Anna Marsh Clinic
Mark McGee, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Cory Nohl, MD
Medical Director, LGBT Inpatient Program
Lance Thigpen, MD
Staff Psychiatrist, Inpatient Adolescent Program
Tom Hoskins, MD, ASAC