$2,500+ Champions
Colin and Lorin Young

$1,000-$2,499 Champions
Theresa Emond
Rex Sheldon
Gregg and Ellen Wapner

$500-$999 Champions
Todd and Julie Davis

$250-$499 Champions
Wayne Allen
Meghan Baston
Frederick Billiel
Michael Chamberlin
Donald and Theresa Earp
Michael and Carol Mandracchia
Douglas Packard and Sally Packard
Peter Ruggeri
Dr. Jessica Shepley
Scott Woods
Gassett Energy

$100-$249 Champions
Bette and Bruce Abrams
Genny Alexander
Kenny Bauer
Alain Bernier
Daniel Brodney
James Canfield
Robert Carlo
Gordon Christiansen
Grant Crandall
Dana and Cindy Crawford
Charles and Lisa Deming
John Donahoe
Jay Durost
Michael Fitzgerald
Stephanie Fowler
Ron and Lyrica French
Michael Gouin
Mark and Emmy Green
Chris Harrington
Mark and Jan Hynes
Tim Johnson
Richard Kelley
Warren Kimberly
David Lavoie
Scott Lavoie
Jeffrey Liacos
Ed and Carrie Martin
John and Fiona Maurer
James and Leona Mckay
Pamela Morse
Richard Othmer
Linda and Todd Page
Morey and Holly Page
John and Lori Pulaski
Robert Reeg
Dannielle Russo
Guy Hussey and Rebecca Sanborn Hussey
Edward Sawicki
Jordan Steward
Ron Szpila
Frances and Murray Towle
Andrew Walker
Lindsey Walker
Red Knights Maine Chapter 3