Key Projects & Programs

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Uniformed Services Program:

Professionals in the uniformed services include active and retired police, fire, military, corrections officers and emergency medical technicians. Many of these individuals are veterans from recent wars. They work in every community in America, and they have extremely difficult jobs working under high stress on a regular basis.

These individuals are our everyday heroes. Unfortunately they have disproportionate risk for serious problems such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and addiction to alcohol and other drugs. As a group they tend to be well insured, may have personal resources, and their departments and unions are payer sources that often will support their need to receive timely and adequate mental health and addiction care.

Unfortunately, the very characteristics that make these individuals highly competent in their duties also inhibit them from seeking needed care. There is also a dearth of programs designed to address their unique care needs. Having been approached by national police/fire organizations and Employee Assistance Programs, the Brattleboro Retreat created and launched such a program in August 2009.

The Retreat's Uniformed Service Program (USP) is seeking philanthropic support to help patients and potential patients meet the residential and out-of-pocket costs associated with this intensive, evidence-based, 10-day program.